Apt. of Emma Goldman, Anarchist & Social Activist

American Emma Goldman lived in an upper level apartment at 322 Spadina Ave, over the winter of 1926-1927. In Dec. 1919, she was deported from the US as a ‘radical alien’ suspect for her political activities and sent to Soviet Russia. She lived in Toronto at different times and gave lectures at the Labor Lyceum at Spadina and St. Andrew. She was a fierce advocate of workers’ rights and women’s right to birth control and known globally for her political activism. Called Red Emma, J. Edgar Hoover, then director of the Justice Department’s General Intelligence Division and later FBI Director, called her ‘one of the most dangerous women in America.


Cut Rate Drugs, 400 Spadina at Nassau

Cut Rate Drugs archival

Cut Rate Drugs – photo in the Toronto Public Library dates to 1910s. E.E. Rutherford, Druggist, is named on East window. The figure at right is Sylvester James. Hebrew letters are visible above the entrance doorway.

For a brief few days in October 2016, the original windows above the main windows were revealed before the building was renovated. Today (2017) it is a Krispy Kreme and these beautiful original windows are gone.